Responsible Gaming

The Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino offers gaming as part of its total resort entertainment experience.

Our guide to responsible gaming:

  • Please enjoy all that our Resort and the island of Aruba have to offer in addition to our casino
  • Set some winnings aside for other purposes
  • Gaming is a recreational activity and not an alternative to work
  • Winning on a regular basis is not as easy as it appears
  • Money needed for daily living expenses should never be used for gaming
  • If alcohol influences you to be careless with your money, do not drink while gaming
  • If you lose more money than you intended, do not try to win it back and risk losing more money
  • If you cannot control your spending or you are impulsive, only bring a set amount of cash
  • Gaming is a fun and social activity, but it is not a solution for loneliness, depression or other personal problems

Warning signs of problem gaming:

  • Gambling to escape worry
  • Gambling to solve financial difficulties
  • Feeling unable to stop playing, regardless of winning or losing
  • Often gambling until your last dollar is gone
  • Neglecting your family because of gambling

To promote responsible gaming, the Stellaris Casino will continue to:

  • Serve alcoholic beverages responsibly
  • Post signage advising patrons to bet responsibly
  • Post signage advising patrons where to go if they feel they need assistance
  • Vigilantly monitor to prevent underage gambling and prohibit minors in our casino
  • Advertise responsibly
  • Allow patrons to self limit or exclude themselves from our facility

If you feel that you have a problem, please visit: